Live Webinars

The Mindful Test Taker: A Free Workshop for Examinees

When: June 19, 2023

Time: 12 – 1:30 p.m.

This 90-minute online workshop will equip you with a detailed understanding of mindfulness tools to help you successfully manage test anxiety.

Practical Knowledge in 90-Minutes:

This 90-minute skills-based workshop will equip you with a detailed understanding of mindfulness and self-compassion. It will teach you practical mind-body-based skills to effectively manage test anxiety, new ways of relating to the examination process, tools to increase psychological resilience; it will guide you to resources for building a daily mindfulness practice.

The experiential exercises facilitated throughout the workshop will help you to adopt a new and radical way of relating to your exams will allow intrinsic cognitive functions–-like memory and concentration––to optimally flow as you answer complex test questions! The workshop is designed to prepare you to aspire to be at your “very best” on test day rather than attaching to the expectation that you must pass!

Why mindfulness? Numerous studies suggest that mindfulness can significantly reduce stress levels in individuals engaged in various types of fear-inducing activities such as public speaking; other research has discovered that mindfulness training can significantly boost test scores by way of improving working memory and reducing mind wandering while test-taking.

This curriculum integrates didactic, experiential, and small- and large-group discussion. It includes the use of video, meditations, role-plays, mindfulness-based in vivo exercises, and periods of silence. The mindfulness practices and related discussions are applied to taking the LCSW examination.