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“Tony’s sincerity, warmth and level of expertise is phenomenal.  This makes him an invaluable resource for our families.  He is truly an asset to parents struggling to survive those dreaded teen years.”
Amanda Litwin, Family Services Program Supervisor, Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center.

“Tony helped me take back the control that anxiety had over me, something I never thought I could achieve. The tools he taught me prepared me for what I faced out in the real world and continue to do so. I am very grateful to him for teaching me how and for always being available and supportive. ”
Former Client

“Do not hesitate to contact Tony for help. His warmth, skill and strong commitment to helping children and families will light the way toward greater hope and success for you and your child.”
Susan Dunas, MFT, President, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Los Angeles Chapter

“Tony has such a relatable, supportive, and warm demeanor that contributes to the strong rapport he has built with the individuals and families he has worked with. During our work together, it was a joy to see him interact with them—it is obvious that they have a great deal of trust in him.”
Erika Van Buren, Ph.D., Child Psychologist

“I have seen the methods and results from Mr. Madril’s work and my patients have benefited immensely from having started therapy with him. I would recommend him to anyone!”
Lot Wong, M.D., Child Psychiatrist

“My grandson now has a more positive future thanks to the therapeutic excellence of Tony Madril. I will forever be grateful for the attention and therapy sessions my grandson shared with Tony and for Tony’s willingness to go that extra mile in helping me find programs beneficial for the well being of this young boy. No one asks for mental health problems, especially with a child, so it is reassuring to know there is a very qualified, caring person in this field and his name is Tony Madril.”
H.B., Former Client

“I first came to Tony unaware and unsure of the power I had within myself to establish my life the way I wanted it.  I was depressed, not happy with the relationships in my life, and unconscious of my consistent habit of giving myself a hard time.  Through my therapy with Tony, I have developed a number of tools that I use to overcome these obstacles, and create the life I want.  I’m thankful for the help and encouragement he has provided me in my time with him.”
C.L., Former Client