Online Workshop: Making Peace with Anxiety in Uncertain Times


This online seminar will equip you with a powerful set of practical tools from a research-based form of talk therapy called Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT, which may be helpful to you during this time of extraordinary stress and uncertainty. Studies have shown that MBCT is effective at helping people actively manage their symptoms of anxiety and other mood symptoms while improving quality-of-life.

What is more, your instructor will help you understand the neurobiology of anxiety; what triggers it; the role that stress hormones play in emotional dysregulation, and what can be done to calm anxiety from the level of the body up-to-the brain and from the brain down-throughout-the-body. Finally, your instructor will introduce you to a set of Self-Compassion techniques that can help you calm the nervous system when confronted with overwhelming fear and panic. This workshop will include guided meditation practices led by your instructor.


  • Practical skills to actively manage symptoms of anxiety and panic
  • New ways of relating to difficult emotions and disturbing body sensations
  • Tools to promote positive and lasting physical changes in the brain
  • Helpful information about creating a daily MBCT practice for enhanced emotional and physical health.


  1. Instructor-led exercises designed to teach you practical MBCT tools for everyday use
  2. MBCT-based resources to help you manage anxiety and panic
  3. Helpful information about how to create a daily wellness program that you can use at home or wherever you may be
  4. Individualized answers to your specific anxiety-related questions


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