Skills-Based Training

In addition to teaching for The Center for Human Services at UC Davis and the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles, I also provide training services to community-based organizations and community members on issues related to mindfulness, self-compassion, trauma-informed practice, and increasing psychological resilience to compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and homophobia. I am recognized as a CAMFT-approved Continuing Eduction Provider for LCSWs, MFTs, LPCCS, and LEPs (#132593).

I am currently offering the following courses to the mental health community:

1.  Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Increase Psychological Resilience to Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma

This multi-modal workshop is designed to assist helping professionals in two distinct ways: (1) The content and experiential exercises will increase participants’ active awareness of the “signs and symptoms” of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma often present in high- stress human service work; (2) The content and experiential exercises will provide participants with a clear and practical process to identify and apply specific coping strategies to prevent the problem of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.

2. Cultivating Compassion with Challenging Behaviors in Mental Health
This multi-modal workshop is skills-based and designed for human service professionals who are interested in learning new tools and techniques for working with challenging behaviors that emerge from a client’s ambivalence to change such as oppositional-defiance, inconsistent attendance, and a lack of motivation to actively participate in mental health services, which can lead to various unintended consequences for helpers such as avoidance of “hard-to-treat” clients, an over reliance on referrals to outside agencies, an increase in countertransference, professional self-doubt, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Therapeutic techniques taught in this course are based on several treatment modalities including: Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Self- Compassion, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Health Coaching.

3. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression & Anxiety
This evidence-based workshop teaches practical applications of mindfulness meditation and cognitive therapy with psychotherapy clients who wish to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety while improving quality-of-life. It demonstrates the skills to help clients develop a new and radical way of relating to their difficult emotions.

4. The Mindful Test-Taker: Practical Skills to Successfully Manage Test Anxiety

This multi-modal workshop is designed to teach students practical skills to manage performance anxiety triggered by test preparation and test taking. It teaches students how to “lean into” anxiety rather than fighting it. Through the application of such mindfulness tools students learn to improve concentration and memory recall during times of stress.

5. Essential Interviewing and Counseling Skills for Human Service Professionals

This workshop is designed to teach participants the fundamental skills of interviewing in the health or behavioral health care setting. It provides a system for planning the interview, analyzing interview behavior, and determining developmental impact on the client. It presents skills, concepts, and methods to help the participant quickly develop concrete competencies for the job.

Training abstracts are available upon request.


What People Are Saying…

Tony recently delivered a 2-hour presentation on mindfulness and psychological resilience to 50 of our staff at our large non-profit agency. Staff’s response to the training was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic! Here are some of their comments:

“I love that it was informative, yet not too much, with a pinch of practical exercises. Love the voice and word choice in the presentation. Very inviting!”

“What I learned today is not only going to help me with my clients, but in my personal life!”

“Thank you! This training would be supportive of ALL public mental health employees!!”

“Can’t wait to use these techniques daily!”

“Presentation was very relevant and interesting. Even felt relaxed during the activities!”

 “I found Tony to be thorough, organized, and helpful when preparing for the training and the delivery of continuing education units for our licensed staff. Tony is not only a respectful, dedicated and caring trainer; he truly lives what he teaches. The entire experience was a positive one, and we are looking forward to having him back soon.”