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Free Workshop on Mindfulness & Test Anxiety

This is a free skills-based workshop for psychotherapists preparing to take either the California LCSW or MFT examinations and who are struggling with test anxiety. The curriculum is based on the application of classic mindfulness meditation techniques to the emotional and cognitive processes involved in test taking. It will be held in Los Angeles, CA on July 14, 2015.



  • Practical mindfulness-based skills to effectively manage test anxiety
  • New ways of relating to the examination process
  • Tools to increase psychological resilience
  • About resources for building a daily mindfulness practice


Recent studies suggest that mindfulness can significantly reduce stress levels in individuals engaged in various types of fear-inducing activities such as publicly speaking (Smalley, S. and Winston, D., 2010. Fully Present). Another study discovered that mindfulness training can significantly boost test scores by way of improving working memory and reducing mind wandering while test taking (M. Mrazek, 2013. Psychological Science)

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