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The Mindful LCSW Examinee – October 26th


This intensive, skills-based workshop is designed for social workers preparing to take the California LCSW Standard Written and/or Written Clinical Vignette examinations. The workshop will teach social workers practical mindfulness-based strategies to succesfully manage intrusive thoughts and performance anxiety associated with the LCSW examination process. Recent studies suggest that mindfulness can significantly reduce stress levels in individuals engaged in various types of fear-inducing acitivites such as publicly speaking (Smalley, S. and Winston, D., 2010. Fully Present). Moreover, mindfulness can significantly boost test scores by way of improving working memory and reducing mind wandering during formal examination (M. Mrazek, 2013. Psychological Science).

The 2-hour, multi-modal workshop will include a mix of the following: guided mindfulness meditation, experiential exercises to improve skills such as increasing awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations; mindful (body) movement, periods of silence, videos, and critical discussion about the intersection between the practice of mindfulness and test taking.


  • Practical tools to actively manage test taking anxiety 
  • New ways of relating to the LCSW examination process
  • Proven techniques to sucessfully manage difficult thoughts & emotions 
  • Tools to increase self-compassion to counteract stress during the LCSW examination process
  • Skills for living more in the present moment
  • Techniques to promote positive and lasting physical changes in the brain
  • Gentle yogic/mindful movements to release tension & increase resilience in the body


Saturday, October 25, 2014, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. This is an online course and will be given on a GoToMeeting web-based platform. GoToMeeting works with PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones for your convenience. 


The fee for the 2-hour online workshop is $100


  • Raisin
  • Ice
  • Napkins
  • Cup
  • Soft cusion on which to sit

*Enrolled participants will also receive readings materials in preparation for the workshop.